Apartment security


Nowadays, safety and security is no longer an exclusive boon but an everyday service, which, just like the home internet connection, cable TV and the mobile phone, has already become an integral component of the standard of living for many people.


The development of modern technologies now enables you to easily and, most importantly, cheaply install and utilize security even in a small suburban apartment – such a service costs starting from 12.98 Ls per month.


For apartment security we recommend using security, fire and emergency alarm systems. For additional protection we recommend installing sound, humidity and carbon monoxide sensors.


The long range video surveillance, which is performed with the aid of web cameras, is convenient and useful – Paklat Apsardze personnel monitor the site from the central office and, if needed, take the necessary protection measures. The improvement in internet speeds has made complete on-line long range video surveillance possible, which enables security personnel to quickly detect undesirables on site.


State-of-the-art alarm systems enable the client to conveniently receive information about the events and situation on the premises. They react not only to movement, but also to fire, smoke, humidity and carbon monoxide hazards.


A very popular and widely used service is: SMS messages sent to the mobile phone by the alarm system – they notify, for example, which person (with what code) has entered or left the site. This system is especially convenient for parents, because it enables them to check when their children arrive at home.


Changing security operator to SIA “Paklat Apsardze” from another with yours equipment first 6 month subscriber’s fee for free. Payment for connection is 20.00 Ls (ex VAT) in any case.

Subscriber’s fee, incl. VAT:  Ls/mon.
Equipment value specified incl. VAT:   Ls

Payment for transmitter:   Ls
“AB SECURITY 360” transfers transmitter to client for usage! Client pays guaranty deposit in amount of 20,00 Ls and it will be refunded to client as soon as transmitter will be returned back.

Will be included in equipment:

Choose the most appropriate one for you!


Security level:

1 - minimal 2 - optimal 3 - exclusive

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Tips for apartment security

Approximately 2000 apartment burglaries have been registered in year 2006. The police inform that in 60% of the cases the apartments are robbed at random by drug addicts, which is why it is so important to look after the security of your property and not leave anything to chance.

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